My Platform for Calgary

1) Why I'm running for Mayor of Calgary?

We’ve recently seen the world admit that systematic racism exists in our society, including the City Council, Calgary Police Service, and many other Calgary organizations. If I am elected, I will take measures to eliminate this racism. Previous City Councils have attempted to develop their regime during their terms instead of acting on behalf of the people they represent. I will change this.

I am living in Calgary since 2006. During this time, I have noticed several irregularities with the decisions and actions of the City Council. I want to break these irregularities, and that is why I have decided to run for Mayor. For instance, it is our City Council that is solely responsible for regulating the taxi industry. In 2016, they’ve allowed Uber to operate within Calgary City Limits—and the Uber business model does not bring the City anything good concerning socio-economics. The  City Council approved Uber’s application to manage to be re-elected, even though 50% of Calgarian’s money spent on Uber is being redistributed to other jurisdictions worldwide. Its means that if you pay 1 dollar, 50 cents, it goes to Uber’s pocket. Calgarian’s money is not staying in Calgary. That has to change. If I am elected, I will bring back Calgary Taxi jobs by changing the Uber model. and keep our hard-earned money in Calgary.

The sitting City Council is a static and immobile public establishment. When a public establishment does not change its stereotypes and traditional ways, it no longer serves its purpose and represents its citizens properly. Societies and communities are constantly evolving, and we adapt to it. It’s time City Council adapts as well. I am running for Mayor to represent the citizens of Calgary, and I do not have a personal agenda.

I will listen and act—as if you were all the Mayors as well. I am simply the voice. Civil Societies’ representatives in public office (Establishments) are significant. Our representatives regulate our business sector, but they also manoeuvre the bureaucracy to adhere to the interests of all people. Consequently, new faces are needed on City Councils that represent the diversity of the population. Society is undergoing a silent change. When the local government fails to adapt or recognize these changes, this can negatively affect the government.

The City of Calgary appears to be immobilized with this issue, and it is time for a change. It is time for a new face to represent their communities for a better future. The previous City Councils have failed to find a solution for our significant economic hardship in the City of Calgary. The City of Calgary should introduce a “Council Tax.” Every household will pay its council tax regardless of property ownership. City Council should categorize affordable council tax-bands according to family incomes. The economic hardship has created an opportunity for a dedicated and hard-working City Council Member. As a City Council member, I will find those opportunities, bring them to local people, and enhance businesses and employment. I am not running for Mayor to make money. I want to serve the City of Calgary. To prove this, I will give 80% of my salary to charity. 

2) What will I do and what do I Support?

I support building the new Arena and green line LRT and will work with its proponents to make it. I will also bring new investors to the City by forging alliances nationally and internationally. We also need to expand our BMO Centre. However,I do not support a one billion dollars revamp downtown project—this is a waste of money. Instead, with this money, I will invest in building second modern green downtown in QUARRY PARK.

Residential and Non-Residential Property Taxes need to be separated—Once loss or gain should not affect the other. Any public attending City Council meetings will park for free, and each motion will require at least 50% of public approval in attendance to pass in the city council. If I am elected, I will create a culture city-wide to be enthusiastic about coming to the city council meeting.

The public needs to be more involved in City Council decisions. All meetings should be live-streamed for everyone to view.

City Council should operate as a democracy. Currently, it works in an authoritarian fashion.

I will reduce Property Taxes, introduce the “Council Tax,” and reduce Property Taxes significantly and keep all services that Calgarians have come to enjoy. Homeowners cannot be treated as ‘cash cows to fund the City. Everybody needs to pay their fair share to access City of Calgary services.

I will review the roles of the Ethics Advisor and Integrated Commissioner to promote transparency into the democracy.

With the help of the provincial and federal government, I will limit the City Council terms to 2 years. Calgary’s government needs turnover to bring new ideas and solutions. This position isn’t meant to be a decade-long process where a few people dictate what the rest of Calgarians have to pay for. City councillors are servants—not meant to be in power for the bulk of their political careers. It is time for a change. 

  • If I am elected as a Mayor of Calgary, I will develop policies and expand access to arts and cultural programmes in the community, attract visitors and leverage private investment.
  • I will give all of the Cab and Uber drivers free passes to visit the tourist places to get knowledge to leverage the tourism industry.

3) What do I oppose and what will I stop?

I oppose the Guide book for the City of Calgary.

I will make UBER to works with taxi companies to keep our money in Calgary.

I will not defund the police. Safety and security are of the utmost importance. Any move to defund the police would be for political motivation.

I will make Calgary a greater Calgary.

I have the experience and ideas to improve and diversity Calgary’s economy. I will develop strong relationships with other city Mayors to strengthen Calgary’s current social and economic state. Please look out for my more video to come soon. Thanks for watching my videos and reading about my platform. Please contact me if you like to volunteer or donate to my campaign.

4) If I am elected, instead of 14 councillors, I will make it 8 councillors.

Current City Ward Layout

Current map of 14 wards and 14 City Councillors for City of Calgary.

5) More things I want to change.

  • Protect our local business and preserve our full-time job. Taxi companies are our local companies, not ride-sharing companies like Uber.
  • Promote Artificial intelligence to create jobs, providing not eliminate jobs.
  • If I am elected, instead of 14 councillors, I will make it 8  councillors.
  • I will bring conservative fiscal management to follow our budget.
  • City councillor needs to be open their hidden political idealogy—no more camouflage.
  • No more property owner will be treated as a “CASH COW.” I will bring council tax for everybody, reduce property tax dramatically, except for low-income people and seniors.
  •  I am running not just to become a Mayor. I am running to make you the Mayor.
  • I will ENCOURAGE two terms for Mayor and councillors.
  • I will review all of the direct and indirect employees and their salaries at the city hall.
  • I will defund the policymakers not the police.
  • All lives matter.Human lives does not have no race .

Finally, being elected by ballot is a democratic process. If our ballot paper is shortlisted like in the 2017 civic election, it would mean that irregularity still exists in our city of Calgary. If elections are based on a conspiracy theory, we would have been elected by a democratic process. Since it would be wrong to think of it this way and therefore ballot paper shortage indicates a lack of respect for democracy. So if I do get elected, this kind of common issue will not occur in our city council under any circumstances, and this irregularity is a kind of anti-democratic activity that we must put an end to. My slogan is against anti-democratic activism so, I want our city council to be a radical change in the way they are now involved in activities. If I am elected, I will bring real enhancement of democracy.

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